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The Raider Dad Experience

Raider Dad understands our organization cannot control our family's situations, but we can control the experiences we provide the community. Our experience presents the opportunity to create a break of reality or mentor experience to lead and inspire families. Our organization doesn't just hand over tickets to families, but we create the memory for our families by inviting families for a tailgate experience and complimentary tickets to a sporting event. 

The Raider Dad Experience focuses on three areas: a break from reality, mentor leadership with sports, and acknowledgment of families bettering lives in the community. Your thoughtful contribution will not only help our organization create experiences for our community, but a life-long memory,

Raider Dad wants everyone to feel a part of the Raider Dad Family. We offer engagement opportunities that allow people to learn more about our organization and how the experiences we provide can change a life and our community.

Raider Dad is on a mission to lead and inspire the next generation. We are an organization that is passionately committed to bringing an intentional leading the next generation and our community.

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