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Raider Dad Story

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I don't believe that Raider Dad is about one person. It's kind of like a good football team. All good teams come from a collective group effort which in turns leads to successful season. Just like in football, the quarterback usually gets the spotlight. I started this organization in the hope of helping a few families, but in the process created something unimaginable in some people's eyes. I won't sit up here and act like my own family has went through any difficult situations compared to families we have encountered this season, but we can acknowledge there are people out there that could use our help. Raider Dad is the Las Vegas version of "Pass It Forward". Locals helping locals by creating new opportunies for our community. The concept of Raider Dad was created by a father who used the world of sports as a way to bond with his family even if he wasn't the original creator at the time. The concept goes back to the old school tradition of making memories by attending sporting events together such as "Opening Day" in baseball . When I was younger, my life pretty much revolved around sports and still does to this day, If I wasn't playing a sport, I was watching a sport. The idea of Raider Dad is quite simple: spend time with your family while enjoying sports. Now where does Raider Dad tie into the community? I ask you where doesn't Raider Dad tie into the community? Once upon a time,the leaders and role models of our communities today were once kids. 

A lot of us spent our childhood's idolizing the biggest sports figures of our local teams and sports leagues. Do you remember gathering with your friends in the backyard imitating athletes moves or catching the winning touchdown in the super bowl? You see we use to be these kids. Raider Dad believes we have a platform available to give these kids an upclose experience of these players on the biggest stage in Las Vegas. I'm sure some of us needed a Raider Dad when we were growing up.

Now what I didn’t truly understand was the true impact of Raider Dad. I was aware of how the experience could create a memory for families, but I soon realized how Raider Dad could help families more than I initially realized. Raider Dad helps a lot of families from a lot different situations. Raider Dad presents an opportunity for a break of reality that families need to create an everlasting memory with their family who are facing a life threatening situation or help a family celebrate the achievement of being one of the lucky families who get to ring the bell for overcoming their situation. Maybe you had a really bad year and you just need some personal one-on-one time to focus on your family with the support of your community by your side. A few hours or just one day could change families lives by allowing them to experience a memory that may not have been available to their family without organizations such as Raider Dad. That’s the power in Raider Dad and in sports. Sports has a funny way of bringing people together. Raider Dad can bring a whole new world of hope to families.

Some families have never been to a football game before.  Other families just don’t have the financial means to attend a football game. That’s where Raider Dad steps in. Our organization lends a hand to families who are doing all the right things for their family, but just need a little help. Raider Dad creates the memory for you. We do not just simply hand tickets to families, but our organization creates the experience. We invite families to our tailgate, provide complimentary tickets, and give them Raiders gear and the opportunity to join a new family (The Raider Dad Family). 
Maybe your into giving back to others or a good cause. Most of our followers love the Raiders or sports. Maybe you were one of the kids described above. Or maybe your family has been through some difficult situations in your own life. Raider Dad is the new game day experience in Las Vegas that is bigger than just a game. Follow us and tell your friends about us. And if your ever at a game stop by and introduce yourself. 

Thank You,

Raider Dad

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