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Bringing Meaning Back To Preseason 

While the NFL tries to eliminate preseason football, Raider Dad is embracing preseason football and creating a new meaning. Raider Dad understands two issues at hand: the cost of events in Las Vegas and the need to create opportunities for families at sporting events. Raider Dad's solution is the Raider Dad Experience. Our organization does not simply hand over tickets to members of our community, but we create the memory for families. 

Raider Dad provides families with the opportunity to have one on one time with their family and focus on improving their family relationships. Our organization also presents the opportunity to for families to receive a break from reality or a mentorship experience for local athletes to get an up close experience to inspire them that they can meet their goals with hard work and dedication. 

Families are invited to our tailgate outside of Allegiant Stadium and receive complimentary tickets to experience a Raiders game. Our leaders understand the value time and give back to our community by providing a life long memory for families. 

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