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The Locker Room

The Raider Dad organization is family that works as a team. Over a course of a season, our organization wants to celebrate our achievements with our teammates and let everyone know who stands behind us through our challenges. We pick each other up and inspire each other to be better people and leaders in our community. 

Our Locker Room is made up of Raider Dad alunmi, season ticket holders, but most importantly people who believe in the mission of Raider Dad. Our organization would like to thank everyone who has stood behind Raider Dad whether it was from day formed Raider Dad or whenever you realized what Raider Dad can mean to a community, families, and kids. 

Caminite Family 
Ron Coburn’s Raiders Legacy
Byram Family 
Randy and Sena Richichi Family 
Aldrich Investment Management
Jay’s Gourmet
#Team Zackary
Tucker Family
Jorge Hernandez Family
Dino and Mary Capannolo
Greg and Val Richichi
Tresa Simmonds In Memory of ERIC SIMMONDS
Colucci Family/ Raider Lucci
Fabian Ramirez Family 
Aldous Family in Memory of Brandon Rayner 1998-2008
The Rombolds
The Messick Family
Esry Family 
Shaunghnessy Family
Brothers Healthcare
Christina & Bella Richichi
#Adley’s Adventure 
Lisa Eastman
Armada Corp of Nevada, A Professional Debt Collection Agency
Christopher and Tina Dewey
Sara LaGrande/ Raider Pac
Moscoso Family in Memory of Ben Moscoso Sr
Jose Carbajal Family
Bonnie Dycus

George and Norma Monge
Bayhi Stained Glass of Tracy, CA
Kenny’s Battle with Burkitt’s Leukemia
Allen’s family in memory of Joseph A Conner 1985 - 2007
Putnam Family
Benny and the La Roca Team
Lepino Family 
Valencia Family
El Korita Basalt, Co. Gamboa Family
Alex Gonzalez
Katherine Alau-Salcur & Mailo Salcur
Cali Native Raiders
Mayze Gordon 
Hot Commodity Customs by La Patrona 
Starks Family in memory of Etta Marie 
Nevin Dietz & Ana Avelar 
The Strong Family
Hot Commodity Customs by La  Patrona 

Ramirez Family in Memory of Andrew Bella

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