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Our Game Plan

Our goal is simple: Fuel the next generation. Raider Dad is committed to hydrating and fueling youth
athletes enabling them to perform their best on and off the field, by providing sport hydration for local athletes,
their teams, athletic organizations, and their families.

Stepping Up

Do a little more...

Stepping up is a simple concept. As parents and leaders of our community, we are asked to rise above ourselves to do a little more. 

Raider Dad recognizes that youth sports biggest obstacle is funding and budget limitations. Raider Dad is committed to fueling the next generation of youth athletes. This year, Raider Dad is committed to collecting donations and proceeds to help offset the cost of providing sport hydration for local athletes and athletic organizations.

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Help Fuel The Next Generation

Working together to create new opportunities. Raider Dad is committed to building a sustainable platform that will ensure youth athletes receive the right nutrition and stay properly hydrated.
Our hope is to maximize our athletes potential while providing a healthy, safe sports environment for our next generation of

Sponsor a player: $10

Sponsor a game: $30

Sponsor a league: $500

Spnsor a season: $1,000

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