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From The Begining

In 2022, our organization introduced the Raider Dad Experience as a way to give back to our community. By providing children with an opportunity to visit Allegiant Stadium and witness the excitement of a Raiders game, we hoped to inspire and motivate families while fostering the Raider Way into a community. The overwhelming support for the event led us to transform Raider Dad into a charitable mission, aiming to create experiences for fans, local organizations, and anyone would who could use inspiration in our community. 


Our Purpose

The idea of families sharing a passion for sports or a team is not out of the ordinary. It has been a common practice for decades, with families creating memories and sharing experiences at stadiums. Members of Raider Dad believe in this practice enough to implement this tradition into our own family relationships ensuring that the memories we create together will continue to be cherished long after the game is over.

The philosophy of Raider Dad is to create experiences that bring families closer together through shared activities and create lasting memories. By investing time in these experiences, the hope is to inspire and motivate families to grow stronger and build stronger relationships. The impact of these experiences will vary depending on each family's situation, but the belief in the power of quality time spent together remains at the core. Ultimately, the goal is for these experiences to be remembered and cherished by future generations, as the tradition of Raider Dad lives on.

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